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Updated: 2/10/2018
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In Memory

One of the DVM (vet) professors at the University of Minnesota recently aquired one of our yorkie's and she sent us these letters and photo's


All is well here. Whimsy is eating Blue Buffalo puppy and Precise competition (my show collies food she loves and sneaks) currently. Yeah!! no more cat food. She is about 2.9 lbs and has completely melded into the family.

Talk to you soon
(September 2008)

The first photo is the day she got her new baby who she named Whimsy. The others are updated pics she sent to me on October 5, 2008. Whimsy was born June 2008.

Here are some pics of the baby. She is getting better on potty training and has learned to leave the bee's alone "thats a whole nother story" and LOVES the cats. She is gaining weight. We'll stay in touch.

A reference is available from her by request only.

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Click on image below for a larger image - October 5th

Click on image below for a larger image - October 28th


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